About us

Kena&Brutus is a concept born from the love and loss of our two dogs Kena and Brutus. Kena was a female mastiff-boxer mix with brindle colouring and Brutus was a male purebred fawn boxer. Both where the loves of our lives.

Kena and Brutus grew up doing everything together, they played together, slept together, ate together, they where truly the best of friends. As caregivers to these wonderful companions we felt that we gave them the best of what they needed, with regular veterinary check-ups, veterinary clinic bought food and treats, regular exercise and where we lacked in exercise we gave love and affection in abundance. We thought we were the perfect parents.

Unfortunately, even with such paternal devotion, Kena was plagued with hip, joint and back problems throughout her life. In Kena’s last few years she was stricken by SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome), a disease characterized by a sudden loss of eyesight. Thankfully, Kena was strong willed and adapted to her illness. Within a few months she learned the layout of our home and was even able to navigate her regular walking route. Kena lived to the age of thirteen.

With Brutus it was belly aches. Even a slight change from his regular diet would cause him to have an upset stomach. He would then be outside in the backyard searching for large patches of grass to eat and calm his troubled tummy. Brutus’ life was stopped short due to lymphoma, a common cancer among the boxer breed. Fortunately, due to a miraculous oncology team at the Centre Vétérinaire DMV in Montréal, Brutus was given a small but precious extension on his life, one we will treasure forever.

It was throughout these ailments that we were constantly researching veterinary and medical papers, holistic books and articles, and surfing the net to discover additional methods to treat these illnesses. We found that giving glucosamine, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and chondroitin supplements helped to alleviate the painful arthritic activity in the joints. We discovered that the hormone-based therapy for treating SARDS could be enhanced by a grain-free diet high in protein and carbohydrates. We learned that stomach troubles in dogs can be alleviated by switching from foods that have high levels of grain as well as artificial preservatives and food colourings. And we found that dogs with cancer can benefit from a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Our two biggest findings, however, were not cures, but risk factors. We realised that with all these ailments, as well as many others, the two biggest risk factors were poor quality diet and lack of exercise. These two lifestyle traits were common and major attributors in so many dog and cat diseases; diseases which could be belated or even prevented by simply having a healthy, nutritious, well balanced diet and a daily exercise regime.

As a result our goal became a quest to find the healthiest, most nutritious, foods, treats and supplements we could find. And in doing so we stumble upon a world of dog and cat products we had no idea existed. We were shocked by the abundance of really cool products out there for our furry friends… and for us too! We found certified organic foods, grain-free foods, holistic foods and foods that contained human grade meats. But there was so much more than just amazing foods. We found the coolest beds and bowls, the hippest collars and leashes, eco-friendly clothing and accessories and even biodegradable poop bags! We couldn’t stop finding great stuff; it became a passion, a passion we had to share….

It was then that Kena&Brutus were re-born

By focusing on delivering the highest quality product our customers can be confident they are providing their furry companions with only the finest health conscious products available in the world.

“If it’s not good enough for our family then it’s not good enough for yours”